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Welcome to Phoenix Oil Heater - Energy Efficient Thermal Fluid - Hot Oil Heaters

Our PHOENIX OIL HEATERS are the most energy efficient thermal fluid (hot oil) heaters on the market today, which is why we mount a gauge in the exhaust stack as well as at the hot oil outlet.

 is a division of ARIZONA BOILER COMPANY, INC. doing business since 1960. In the 1990’s as fuel costs sky rocketed, we saw the need for a more efficient oil heater.

Video: Hot Oil Heaters | Thermal Fluid Heaters | Asphalt Tanks Improved, ultra efficient hot oil heaters, thermal fluid heaters, and asphalt tanks from Phoenix Oil Heater.
We guarantee the stack temperature on our Phoenix, PX models, to not exceed the outgoing oil temperature by more than 100°F while on high fire. Low to mid-firing usually has a stack temp under 50°F over oil outlet temperature.

In the past, heaters of 10 mil Btu/hr and less were made with double helical coils and did not need economizers at operating temperatures below 500°F.

Larger heaters were single helical coil units with economizers. We have perfected and improved the double helical coil units. Now, all Phoenix Oil Heaters are made with double helical coils. No economizer is needed. As you shop oil heaters, be sure to ask the manufacturer for their “stack temperature guarantee.”

Efficiency is claimed by some manufacturers in excess of 80%, with some as high as 90%. Talk is cheap. We put our money where our mouth is. We guarantee “Real Efficiency” demonstrated by LOW stack temperatures!
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