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Control Systems

The Phoenix Oil Heater line of thermal oil heaters can be configured with linkage or linkageless burner control systems. They can also be equipped with O2 trim systems, exhaust gas analysis systems, data transfer interfaces and PLC communications systems for complete heater analysis and configuration from the control room. The Phoenix Oil Heater comes complete with several safety devices and controls to ensure the safety of the operators and the heater.

Standard Safety Devices and Controls included:

  • Flame Safe Guard System with Flame Failure Alarm
  • Low Media Flow Switch
  • Low/High Media Pressure Differential Switch
  • Media Operating Temperature Control
  • High Media Temperature Limit Control
  • High Stack Temperature Limit Control
  • High Fuel Pressure Switch
  • Low Fuel Pressure Switch
  • PLC Ok To Run Permissive

All the above safety devices can be annunciated to the control panel as well as the control room when tripped for easy trouble shooting to get the unit back online as fast as possible.

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