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Energy Efficient Thermal Oil Heaters & Thermal Fluid Systems

Phoenix Oil Heaters – Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturers In Arizona!

Phoenix Oil Heater is a custom thermal oil heater shop. The units listed below is a just a short list of our standard heaters and units in stock. Most heaters are custom built per customer requirements. All new thermal oil heaters are built for high thermal efficiency and low stack temperatures.

Many people refer to these thermal fluid systems or thermal fluid heaters by different names. Popular phrases used are: thermal fluid heater, thermal oil heater, thermal fluid boiler, thermal fluid heating system, etc; generally all refer to the same type of closed loop liquid phase heat transfer system.

PX-10 .5 – 1.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-20 1.6 – 2.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-30 2.6 – 3.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-40 3.6 – 4.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-50 4.6 – 5.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-60 6.0 – 7.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-60 6.0 400F 100 Gas or Oil
PX-80 8.0 – 9.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-100 10.0 – 11.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-120 11.76 650F 125 Gas
PX-150 15.0 – 17.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-180 18.0 – 19.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-200 20.0 – 24.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-250 25.0 – 29.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-300 30.0 – 35.5 650F 125 Gas or Oil
PX-400 40.0 – 50.0 650F 125 Gas or Oil

PX-550’s sold to the natural gas industry.

Based in Arizona and well known for many years as one of the best custom thermal oil heater manufacturers, Phoenix Oil Heater can build any thermal hot oil heater as per your specific requirement.

If you are looking for process heater manufacturers that will ensure that all thermal fluid systems are build as per the strict ASME codes and standards then you have come to the right place.

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