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The Phoenix Oil Heater line of thermal oil heaters are always equipped with the latest high efficiency burners possible. These burners are offered at high turn down ratios (up to 12:1) to match heat demand requirements and reduce on and off cycling of the burner. If the burner is continuously cycling on and off the result is purge or cycling losses. When cool, purge air passes through the heater, it removes heat and dumps it out the stack, resulting in energy waste and increased fuel costs. In addition, frequent on and off cycling also increases maintenance costs due to excessive component wear. These burners are offered in several fuel configuration to fit your needs.

Available Burner Fuels:

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Landfill Gas
  • Waste Gas
  • #2 Oil
  • #4 Oil
  • #6 Oil

Low NOx Level burners are available with or without using induced Flue Gas Recirculation.

Available Low NOx Levels:

  • NOx levels are offered from 70 ppm down to 9 ppm.

All burners installed on The Phoenix Oil Heater line of thermal oil heaters come with the latest burner control systems, complete gas trains and safety devices.

Our Burner Manufactures:

The Phoenix Oil Heater combined with the high efficiency, high turndown ratio burners installed with the latest burner control systems will keep the heat in the process and not in the air.