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Building Oil Heaters to ASME Code

All Phoenix Oil Heater, PX model heaters, are designed and built according to Section VIII of the ASME code. Our minimum design gives the PX Heaters a minimum rupture pressure of 350 psi.

Other oil heaters on the market are not pressure rated or ASME stamped. Some of the more popular oil heaters are not designed according to ASME at all. In fact they are not even designed for ANY pressure. An accidental pressure of 20-30 psi could cause one of these heaters to completely fail and dump hot oil all over the area.

ASME stamping and National Board registration are on all PX model heaters.

Some manufacturers do not make ASME code heaters. If you don’t need ASME stamping, we can save you money while still building a heater designed according to the ASME code.

Protect Your Investment: ORDER ASME CODE HEATERS