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D/LND – Series

D series burners are performance proven in boiler, heater, furnace, kiln and dryer applications worldwide. The standard D series offers natural gas, propane gas, air atomized #2-6 oil and combination gas/oil fuel options at capacities from 4,200,000 to 42,000,000 MBTU/Hour. The low NOx D series offers natural gas, propane gas, air atomized #2 and #6 oil, and combination gas/oil fuel options at capacities from 3.4 to 42.0 MMBTU/Hour. A true forced draft design provides the ability to deliver rated capacities against furnace pressures up to 4″ W.C.

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Features Include:

  • Low-pressure air atomizing system on oil with rotary vane compressor
  • Cam trim with 14-point adjustment range for consistent air/fuel ratios
  • Parallel positioning available for optimal control through out the firing range
  • Low NOx with FGR capabilities
  • Piston-type positive displacement oil metering system
  • Gas manifold on oil burners standard for easy upgrade to combination units
  • Hinged combustion head for easy access and maintenance
  • Backward-curved impeller provides adequate combustion air for various furnace pressures
  • Nozzle line electric heater standard on medium to heavy oil burners
  • FGR modulating valve
  • UL & cUL listed

Capacities and Specifications


Lower gas supply pressure configurations available for New York City requirements

  • Firing rates based on altitudes to 2000ft. above sea level.
    * For firing rates at higher altitudes, consult factory.
  • Gas input based on natural gas at 1,000 Btu/cu.ft. and 0.60 gravity
  • Oil input based on 140,000 Btu/gal. on D/LND, 145,000 Btu/gal. on DM and 150,000 Btu/gal. on DE series.
  • Boiler overall efficiency of 80% estimated. Industrial Combustion does not guarantee overall boiler efficiency.
  • Furnace pressure and furnace dimensions and required NOx emissions may allow higher firing rates than shown above,
    consult factory
  • Motor horsepower based off of standard design backpressure rating.
    * Consult factory for review and comparison to your application.
  • Shipping weight is only an estimate
D Series Brocuture
D Technical Data Sheet