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EJB Series Burners

The Webster EJB series burners offer years of dependable and economical operation. Designed with economy in mind, Webster EJB burners are durable and easy to start up and service. Our exclusive flame retention head design maintains stable and efficient combustion in a wide variety of furnace configurations and conditions.

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As with all of our burners, versatility and flexibility are prime considerations in the Webster EJB series design. EJB series burners can be adapted to fit in most any furnace configuration and combustion environment and the same burner configuration can be used in multiple applications, making the EJB extremely versatile. In addition, Webster has years of experience firing Natural, LP, and Digester Gas with the EJB burner.

Webster EJB burners are completely factory wired, assembled, and tested so they come to you ready for installation and connection to fuel and electrical supplies. Typical EJB series burners are installed and ready for start-up in a minimal amount of time, saving valuable time and money at your installation. Due to the standardized EJB configurations and the responsiveness of the Webster factory, you can get an EJB in no time when you need one!


Features include:


  • Fires multiple applications with the same burner configuration
  • Available in upright or inverted housing configurations
  • Fires Natural or LP Gas
  • Designed for all types of boilers, heaters and furnaces
  • Proven performance in all types of applications


  • Outstanding flame stability
  • Designed for ease of service
  • Quiet operation
  • Ultra-violet flame scanner
  • UL & ULC Listed


  • 400 to 2,500 MBH firing rate
  • Upright or inverted housing
  • On-Off, Low Fire Start, Low-High-Low, or Modulating operating modes
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