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HDR-RF Register Burner With Remote Fan

HDR(S)-RF burners increase the efficiency of Watertube and Firetube Boilers.
“Webster continues its leadership in combustion innovation” with upper-range combustion equipment. The series HDR(S)-RF takes the lead in meeting the demands of today’s customers. Webster continues to expand the size offering in the firetube line. The HDR(S)-RF burner has led the way to larger firetube boiler sizes, up to 2,600 BHP.

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The versatility and flexibility of Webster’s Series HDR(S)-RF burners save time and money. Our HDR(S)-RF readily adapts to most available boiler and furnace configurations. HDR(S)-RF can be installed vertically, horizontally, left or right to accommodate even the most unique on-site condition. The HDR(S)-RF series combustion head is capable of burning a wide range of fuels from Natural, LP and low BTU gas to all commercially available grades of fuel oil and qualified waste oil… either separately or in combination.

HDR(S)-RF series are full register burners for both Firetube and Watertube boiler applications. This Series provides high turndown (12:1 on gas) and flame shaping to fit different furnace configurations. Offers flexible mounting styles including remote fan. Also available to meet many different low emission applications.

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