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Noxmatic RF ULN

The Johnson Advantage

  • Sub 9 ppm NOx compliance out-of-the-box
  • No Flue Gas Recirculation required
  • High efficiency variable speed blower
  • Swing open access to all internal components
  • Precise “linkage-less” burner controls
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Lower installation costs
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Emissions: Sub 9 ppm NOx without FGR
Fuels: Natural Gas

800-1500 boiler HP

Applications: Scotch (firetube) & watertube boilers



The NOXmatic® RF ultra low NOx burner uses a metal fiber mat firing head and requires no FGR to deliver single digit NOx emissions, making it a simple and cost effective solution for large firetube and watertube boilers. All NOXmatic® RF burners feature a Variable Speed Blower (VSB) package, supplied as standard equipment to provide cost savings with a 20 to 40% reduction in electrical consumption compared to single-speed blowers.

The design also features a swing-open housing that allows easy access to all burner components without removing the burner from the boiler. The firing head, igniter and flame scanner can all be accessed and removed for service in just minutes to minimize down time and service costs.