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HDRV(X) Forced Draft Register Burners

Mid-range HDRV Series burners from Webster lead the industry in combustion innovation.
Webster continues its leadership in combustion innovation with our mid-range combustion burner-the HDRV Series. Taking the lead in meeting the demands of today’s combustion consumer, the Webster HDRV combines its Posi-Control linkageless combustion systems with venturi throat technology for enhanced performance.

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The versatility and flexibility of Webster’s Series HDRV burners save time and money. Our HDRV readily adapt to most available boiler and furnace front plates and can be installed vertically, horizontally, left or right to accommodate even the most unique on-site conditions. The HDRV Series combustion head is capable of burning a wide range of fuels from Natural, LP and low BTU gas to all commercially available grades of fuel oil and qualified waste oil… either separately or in combination.

Several low NOx options are available, using Induced Flue Gas Recirculation (IGFR). The standard offering includes 60 and 30 PPM NOx on natural gas. For lower NOx levels, select the HDSX or the HDRMB.

Like all Webster burners and its controls, the HDRV series receives a thorough check out to be sure of positive sequencing and operation before shipment. This rigorous testing assures that every HDRV burner is fully functioning and operational to job specification before it leaves our doors. All Webster burners arrive at your job site ready to install with the lowest start-up costs and highest confidence levels possible.

Key Benefits

Combustion Head

  • Outstanding Flame Stability
  • High Combustion Efficiency
  • Register and Venturi Head

High Voltage Ignition System

  • Lights every time
  • Field proven-most stable pilot available
  • Uses 6000 volt transformer

Linkageless Control Systems

  • Optional linkageless control systems
  • Increased efficiency-no linkage hysterisis
  • Repeatability of fuel to air ratio
  • Tamper proof operation
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